DWH BI ETL Testing

In DWH testing , TestPerform has developed skills and expertise to test complex data ware house applications.

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We make sure your ETL processes work according to the specified business rules, check your data warehouse application`s overall performance, as well as scrutinize your reports and dashboards to ensure your BI solution is working properly.

  • Key Features

    • Fully automate the process of ETL testing using QuerySurge, QualiDI, Datagaps ETL Validator with minimal human intervention
    • Supports end to end Test automation
    • Thorough testing across Source, Stage and Target databases
    • Scheduling and job monitoring
    • Report data testing
    • Strong expertise on validation of data and reports testing.

    Testperform BI expertise include

    • Report checks
    • Prompt checks
    • Report data accuracy checks and performance checks
    • Drilldown reports checks
    • Browser checks
  • Key Benefits

    • Faster turnaround time for ETL Testing
    • 100% test coverage for all ETL applications
    • Employ effective Shift-Left testing for ETL testing using tools like QuerySurge, QualiDI
    • Reduce the overall regression test cycle time using tools like QuerySurge, QualiDI
    • Reduce the overall testing engagement Cost as manual QA intervention is drastically reduced
  • Our DWH and BI testing service offerings include

    • Validation Source/Target Testing
    • Application Upgrade Testing
    • Meta Data testing
    • Data Transformation Testing
    • Regression Testing
    • Thorough Validation of Data quality and ETL Testing
    • BI Dashboards Testing
    • Reports Testing
    • Performance and Stress Testing
    • Usability Testing

    Few of the DWH/BI tools we use are

    • QuerySurge
    • Attunity Compose
    • biGENiUS
    • Informatica Data Validation
    • iCEDQ
    • ETL Validator
    • Selenium
  • We use a vast variety of databases for our data warehouse applications, some of them are

    • Oracle Database
    • SQL Server
    • IBM DB2
    • Teradata

    Our expertise on reporting tools :

    • IBM Cognos
    • Microsoft BI
    • Qlikview
    • Tableau
    • Tibco Spotfire/Jasper
  • TestPerform Differentiators

    • End to end service offerings for DW/ BI including data validation, data transformation testing,meta data testing, reports testing,performance testing and security testing
    • In-depth technology and DWH/BI testing expertise
    • Partnership with QuerySurge, biGENiUS etc for end to end automation of DW testing process.
    • Reduce the overall regression test cycle time using tools like QuerySurge, Selenium,QualiDI
    • Reduce the overall testing engagement Cost with automating the ETL validations
    • End-to-end requirement traceability achieved right through source extraction to reports