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With expert and certified testers on board, TestPerform has an exemplary proven track record in providing test automation services to clients in Retail & E-Commerce, Banking and Financial services, Telecom, Education, Insurance, Pharma, Healthcare, Transportation and Logistics and other sectors.

TestPerform will follow disciplined and structured automation testing approach and leverages proven industry testing techniques, tools, pre-built test accelerators, and methodologies.

At TestPerform we closely work with our global clients to understand their specific requirements and needs of automation. Based on specific client needs, we will provide comprehensive automation test solution that includes integrating with popular CI tools like Jenkins,TFS,Bambo etc.

  • Advisory Services

    The QA function has unique challenges in every enterprise. The right QA strategy can help you improve the overall product quality and reduce release cycle time. TestPerform Advisory Services provide you with the specialist advice.Using the TMMI Based Assessment, TestPerform will assess your current test organization and map it to the TMMI model. TestPerform will help clients test organization for TMMI certification by identifying gaps and areas of improvement. Based on that, the road map will be defined for prioritized items to be implemented.

    Advisory Services can be provided either at the overall test function level or can be limited to any or all of the following:

    • Test automation assessment
    • Performance testing assessment
    • Test tools assessment
    • Test processes assessment
  • Considerations for Tool Evaluation Criteria

    • Match to nontechnical role skills
    • Match to technical role skills
    • Templates and accelerators
    • Change impact analysis
    • Cross-platform-/browser support
    • Intelligent automation
    • Breadth of technology support
    • DevOps tool integrations
    • Open source support
    • Dashboards and analytics

    Tool Recommendation Criteria

    To objectively evaluate a set of tools, it is recommended that you compare them based on the same set of criteria. You can define a set of criteria using your tool selection constraints and common characteristics of automation testing tools.

    Below are common characteristics that you may consider when weighting tools:

    • Platform
    • AUT programming languages
    • Scripting languages
    • Support
    • Usability
    • Script maintainability
    • Required programming skills
    • Cost
  • Testing frameworks

    An essential part of any successful automated testing process. They can reduce maintenance costs and testing efforts and will provide a higher return on investment (ROI) for QA teams looking to optimize their agile processes.


    • Maintain a well-defined strategy across the test suites
    • Enhanced speed at which testing progresses
    • Maintaining the test code will be easy
    • The URL or Application can be tested accurately
    • Continuous testing of coding and delivery will be achieved

    Test Script

    Test Scripts are a line-by-line description containing the information about the system transactions that should be performed to validate the application or system under test. Test script should list out each step that should be taken with the expected results.

  • Our disciplined test automation process uses

    • Understanding the application technology landscape and complexity of business work flows
    • Assessment of your automation needs and existing automation solution (if any).
    • Feasibility Study, Tool selection, Proof of Concept and Demos
    • Build Automation Smoke,Mini Regression and Full Regression suites
    • Automated test script creation and execution.on all specified browsers and platforms
    • Creation of regression test suites with more flexible execution options.
    • Training and handover of automation regression suite to client teams.
  • Our test automation services support the following

    • Web applications
    • Mobile apps
    • API/Web services
    • Desktop (.Net, Java etc.)
    • ERP (SAP, Oracle EBS, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.)
    • CRM Applications
    • DWH/BI applications

    Few of the automation tools we use are

    • Selenium and Appium
    • Coded UI
    • Test Complete
    • Ranorex
    • UFT
    • RFT
    • Katalon Studio
    • SoapUI and POSTMAN
  • TestPerform Differentiators

    • Faster time to market: Cut down the overall regression testing cycle time in various test environments like SIT,UAT and Staging by up to 80% helping you achieve quicker releases with higher frequency.
    • Better Resource Utilization: Automated tests release testing team time, thus allowing testing team to conduct exploratory testing and also to do end to end business workflows testing.
    • Cross Platform Testing: Test across different specified Operating Systems, android and IOS devices, and browsers to ensure smooth operation for all end users
    • TestPerform disciplined test automation strategy and process enables our clients to achieve quicker releases,reduce time to market and reduce overall testing lifecycle effort resulting in a significant return on investment (ROI)
    • Highly scalable with less maintenance of regression test scripts
    • Increases test automation coverage and reduce the overall testing costs
    • Integration with open and commercial tools to make validation of complex business work flows easy