TestPerform Insurance Testing Service Offerings

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TestPerform has extensive domain and technical experience in providing QA and software testing services to the insurance domain. We provide end-to-end domain and testing services for policy administration, claims management, underwriting and billing with our industry standard frameworks and robust practices. Our well-defined and proven framework based models offer a step-by-step testing approach with automation solutions that reflect robust quality and regression cycle reduction.

We worked with many insurance companies and have provided them end to end testing services for the following

  • Life, Health, and General Insurance.
  • Property and Casualty Insurance.
  • Reinsurance Management.
  • Auto Insurance
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Disability insurance

Life & Retirement

  • Individual Plans
  • Institutional Plans
  • Government/State sponsored Plans
  • Social Insurance
  • Private Plans
  • Underwriting life insurance 

Health & Disability

  • Medical Expense Insurance
  • Limited medical expense policies
  • Disability income policies 

Property & Casualty

  • Building and Personal Property Coverage (BPP)
  • Business Income Insurance
  • Property & Personal/Business Auto Insurance
  • Homeowners Policy
  • Garage & motor camer insurance 


  • Risk Transfer
  • Income Smoothing
  • Surplus Relief
  • Arbitrage
  • Proportional Insurance
  • Non-proportional Insurance 
  • Services in Insurance testing

    We have been working with world’s leading Insurance organizations to provide comprehensive end to end Application Testing services. Over the years, we have developed client specific solutions, tools and frameworks that address the criticality of processes and testing requirements for the Insurance industry.

    We offer the following set of services in Insurance testing

    • Functional Testing
    • Database Testing
    • Security Testing
    • Load & Performance Testing
    • System Integration Testing
    • User Acceptance Testing
    • Mobile Testing
    • DWH Testing and BI testing
    • Regulatory Compliance Testing
  • TestPerform Differentiators

    • Strong domain and technical experience in multiple lines of business covering Life, Health & General Insurance.
    • TestPerform deep domain knowledge will help to cover 100% business process as well as business workflows test coverage and regulatory compliance testing for Insurance IT applications.
    • Providing end to end performance and security testing offering improves business outcomes
    • More than 100 certified testing resources dedicated to insurance CoE
    • End to end testing specialization in P&C,Life and Reinsurance
    • Customized Insurance COE that offers specialized QA & testing practice with reusable test assets, frameworks and repositories.
    • Reduce regression testing timeline and time to market.
    • Accelerate test automation with in-house frameworks and accelerators.